What is VitusVet?


Transforming the way veterinarians share medical information for the benefit of pets and their people!

Quick Intro

VitusVet makes software that helps veterinarians share records with other veterinarians AND pet owners. Our service integrates with your veterinary practice management software and allows a pet's complete medical record to follow them wherever they go (i.e. emergency clinic, specialty hospital, boarding kennel, etc.)

Unlike other outdated and incomplete solutions, VitusVet includes the ENTIRE pet medical record: medical notes, labwork, digital images, and patient alerts. And it's ridiculously easy to use.

Benefits include:

  • "One-click" referral - it's as easy as it sounds.
  • Medical Notes - SOAPs, surgery notes, discharge instructions, etc...
  • Lab Results - all of your patients' results in one spot.
  • Patient Alerts - drug sensitivities, "will bite" warnings that don't appear on fax/pdfs
  • Works across all Browsers on PC, Mac, Tablet and Mobile devices

Benefits to joining VitusVet

At VitusVet, we believe in the idea of "co-creation" with our users so that our software really makes a difference in their lives. We've talked with a lot of veterinarians and pet owners, and these are just a few of the benefits we've identified:

Better For Your Patients

Imagine having key medical information accessible to other providers.
Anytime. Anywhere.

Better For Your Clients

Imagine never having to fax/email a copy of a medical record or labwork ever again.

Better For Your Business

Imagine having behind-the-scenes technology that dramatically increases practice revenue.

Practice Better Medicine

VitusVet helps you share and receive vital medical information with other veterinarians (i.e. emergency clinics, specialty hospitals, boarding kennels, etc.). The more information you have about your patients, the better care you can give them.


Improve Practice Efficiency

What's the biggest expense in a veterinary hospital? Labor. Your staff wastes 20-50% of their time shuffling paperwork around to clients, other clinics, specialty hospitals, boarding kennels, etc. Wouldn't their time be better spent working on your social media campaign, doing follow-up calls, and improving your clients' in-hospital experience? VitusVet frees them up to generate revenue for you, not overhead.

Increase Client Loyalty

One of the lessons of the internet is that information is everywhere. Those who are best able to share it will be the most successful. Pet owners "get" this, and over 95% of them want what Vitus has to offer.


Goodbye To The Headache Of Faxing!

Pets are playing a more and more central role in the lives of our families. This change in society has funded some incredible advancements in veterinary medicine. So when it comes to sharing this information, why are we still stuck in the 1980's? Let us help you stop the faxing madness!

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